Is Mach 7 Rail Gun another cuckoo in the nest?

The MACH 7 Rail Gun uses electromagnetic energy to fire projectiles at hypersonic speeds, over 4 970 miles per hour. It’s like driving 100 flashes into the system. The projectiles can have a range of over 217 miles and can hit a target 100 miles away in just over one minute. The projectile accelerates from 0 miles per hour to mach 7 in 10 milliseconds. The projectile travels 1.5 yards per second and, thanks to its high speed, needs no explosive warhead.

Today’s cruise robots can be shot down, which in principle is impossible to do against the rail gun projectiles.

But I think that one can make limited use of Rail Guns while, definitely, development costs are not justified. One should do research on and develop other weapons instead, relevant weapons. There is e.g. laser technology.

Of course, Rail Guns carried by war-ships can be useful against surface targets, with the short amount of time it takes from shot to impact on target. But the question is how long it takes to charge Rail Gun electrically. Does it take longer than it takes for an enemy robot to fly, after the decision to fire the robot, and travel the given distance to the target? And how long does it take to reload with a new projectile and reload the monstrous weapon electrically? Rail Gun becomes very hot when it fires and must be cooled between each shot.

Mach 7 Rail Gun is optimized to hit command and control centers on the ground or underground according to a source. It probably mean that the time it takes to charge the Rail Gun and cool it down after shooting is too long, otherwise the weapon would have been more optimized for sea targets. Rail Gun takes up a lot of space on a war-ship and cuckoos on other weapon systems that would be better needed.

Roger M. Klang, defense political spokesman for the Christian Values Party (Kristna Värdepartiet) in Sweden

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