The importance of Uganda in big politics. Lesson one


There is a fear in the US that Japan will approach Russia and China even more so that they will create an axis. Japan is omitted in the CIA World Factbook 2018-2019. But also Uganda and Paraguay are omitted. These three big countries were all in the 2015 edition and are the only big real countries that are omitted in this edition of CIAs World Factbook.

Apart from the by CIA in their book omitted country of Japan, which is omitted for grand-political reasons, and not geo-strategical reasons involving resources that Japan may happen to own, or even sea lanes. The only resources that Japan possess is a pretty large amount of Rare Earth Elements which is used in electronics and lasers and such. Japan therefor seeks to develope an oil trade with Russia and Russias Far East. Also, supplies of food from Russia to feed the Japanese population should be an end goal for Japan. And harvesting of forest in Siberia, probably combined with reforestation.

Paraguay was omitted because in part the country is involved in and is a hub for arms smuggling, money laundry, narcotic traffics. But the main reason is that they are supporting terrorist organisations. There doesn’t seem to be any effort from the authorities in Paraguay to end it.

Uganda is located in Africas south inland 1200 km south-west of Djibouti. The country was omitted in CIA World Factbook 2018-2019 because they are sitting on conciderable amounts of oil in the ground according to oil-prospectings made already in 2008.

The CIA is trying to warn Japan and Paraguay by omitting them in their book.

The dispute in the South Chinese Sea is mainly about who is going to be able to controll the sea routes to the Ugandan oil which has potential to show that it surpass the collective oil reservs off all the OPEC-countries put together. ”Uganda’s oil reserves can match that of the OPEC-countries” says Sally Kornfeld, an analytic for the division of fossil fuels at US Energy Department. The planning and construction for the extraction of oil and building of pipelines in Uganda continues.

And also the shipping-lanes to Saudi-Arabia among other countries, where the US gets almost a quarter of its oil today, has led to the dispute that is aggravating a cold war between the US and China. Australia’s importance as a US allied buffert state and a potential base and build up area and whete, corn and meat storehouse cannot be underestimated.

If you do not controll the shipping-lanes to Africa chances are very high that you will not get to buy the Ugandan oil. The straits of Malacca, Sunda and Lombok are in the US pocket right now. Therefor the US has the upper hand.

The CIA World Factbook is actually published by the CIA. They are required to make the book public by the authorities in the US. The more than 1100 page book can be bought from Bokus for 150 Swedish kronas.



Why do you think the country of Uganda was omitted in CIA World Factbook 2018-2019? Think! You know they have got large amounts of oil. Who benefits from that those oil reserves are coming out on the market? Who has an interrest in that affairs with Uganda are being kept covert? Or is the omission a punishment for that Ugandan authorities are selling the oil to the wrong part i.e. the Chinese? Your guess is as good as mine or better. I plain don’t know.

Roger M. Klang, defense political spokesman for the Christian Values Party (Kristna Värdepartiet) in Sweden

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