Nukleär terrorbalans

För att en nukleär terrorbalans ska fungera krävs en rationell ledare på varje sida av taggtråden. Det är tänkt att det ska fungera så här;

”Om jag trycker på knappen eller eskalerar till ett kärnvapenkrig kommer den andra sidan att svara med kärnvapen.”

Problemet är att det finns ledare (Putin) i länder med kärnvapenarsenaler som tänker så här;

”Om jag smygattackerar land B med kärnvapen, ett land som inte har kärnvapenkapacitet, kommer land A som har kärnvapen inte att svara med kärnvapen mot oss eftersom risken för att vi svarar med kärnvapen mot land A i så fall är för stor.”

En nyansering

En 30 km stridsvagnskolonn innehåller 560-900 stridsvagnar med mellan 30-50 meters avstånd mellan fordonen. En T-80 är 7 meter lång.

Det är mycket, men det är inte så illa som de flesta folk tror. Folk tänker sig många tusen stridsfordon i en 30 km lång fordonskolonn. Så är alltså inte fallet.

Det är 245 km landvägen från Kyiv till närmsta Vitryska stad.

Inte en chans att dessa fordon på bilden är i rörelse över några få kilometer i timmen. Kan vara maskirovka eller en rast för att äta, pissa och skita. Eller så har det blivit fordonsstopp och/eller trafikstockning längre fram, dock syns denna i så fall inte på bilden. Dessutom så finns det inga stridsvagnar i kolonnen vad jag kan se i alla fall. Den består på bilden troligtvis av underhållsfordon, ammunitionsfordon och/eller av personaltransportfordon. Ni vet bäst hur ration stridsfordon/underhållsfordon ser ut. Men den ligger kanske runt fifty-fifty.

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Large scale War in Ukraine

Bild finska YLE

So, Ukraine, a state by Kreml and Putin called a pseudo state, is a part of Russia? If you had your family riding in a bus in the vicinity, would you violently, with certainty of collateral damage on your own family members, attack that family because they were riding in a bus together with a corrupt bus driver? Or because there was a known right wing Nazi connection of one of the forty other passengers riding in the bus, way in the back of the bus? Is that what you do with family members in Russia?

Putin is the new Hitler!

That’s it. There is nothing more to say.

Why did he do it?

Because he could? Yes, partly. But also, maybe, because his military, his transport aircraft fleet, his helicopters among other, needs spare parts from the Ukrainian military industry, former USSR military industry. And he needs the money, i.e. the women, that lives in Ukraine for the amusement of Russian men, since he cannot get to the women in the West. Whaaat? ”Did you just say what I thought you said?” Yes I did.

What can Ukraine do?

They can perhaps move their governmental institutions away from Kiev and to the south and let the Russian tanks roll deep into Ukraine, but not let the Russian support vehicles far into their country, by attacking the support vehicles in big scale ambushes with grenade rifles. But I don’t know what the environements look like in Northern Ukraine.

They can also, under controlled forms, demolish totally the industry that can be used for Russia’s nuclear capabilities.

Why did Putin not strike Ukrainian electricity first?

The infrastructure enables rapid operation in Ukraine. The road and railway network is well developed in the country. Russia and Ukraine have the same track gauge on the railway. As far as the road network is concerned, there are 103,150 miles of paved roads and 2,200 miles of unpaved roads. The railway network covers 13,400 miles, 6,400 miles is electrified railway. The railway network is mainly well developed in central and eastern Ukraine and somewhat less developed in western Ukraine. Roads and railways goes in all directions. Economic priorities within Ukraine are mainly its industry, which is mainly located in its eastern area.

What can Ukraine expect?

We need to first look at the near time history. In 2014, Russia launched a ”humanitarian” aid convoy to eastern Ukraine. Ukraine opposed this but eventually agreed to let the aid in if it was reloaded into other vehicles before the border crossing and escorted by the Red Cross. The inspection of the Russian trucks showed that many were almost empty except for a few sacks of flour. Russia chose to drive the convoy into Ukraine without the assistance of the Red Cross and in a completely different place than the one reluctantly approved by Ukraine. This is where the interesting really begins.

After the aid convoy crossed the border, it set course for the industrial city of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, which Russia identified as in dire need. In for example Luhansk, the trucks were unloaded again without international supervision, but did not return immediately and definitely not empty. Instead, extraction of parts for Russia’s war-critical industry began. During the time the Russian convoy spent in eastern Ukraine, machinery, parts and products were loaded from e.g. a factory in Donetsk that manufactures radar and telecommunications warfare systems, a factory that manufactures parts for some of the Russian nuclear missile systems, and the factory that is the only one in the former Soviet Union, which manufactures turbine blades for aircraft engines and engines for helicopters, and other critical components for some combat aircraft engines.

Don’t know if there is something else the Russians still needs from Ukraine. They would most likely want to control the Ukrainian energy sector and their agricultural sector in order to sell energy and crops to the West and other countries in the world.

Is Russia backed by God?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, not at all! They’re backed by Satan. It’s Satan’s country now. We wash our hands.

Russia is like a mad dog that has grabbed your child and chews on your child’s arm at a distance of ten yards from you. As soon as you make an attempt to move towards the mad dog to grab and pull your child to safety or attack the dog, the crazy dog stops chewing and stares you in your eyes, still with its jaws around your child’s arm, clearly threatening to instantly tear your child in pieces with his jaws if you continue to move forward. So you stop, and the mad dog starts chewing on your baby’s arm again, slowly chewing your baby to death observing all your movements. Your baby will either be eaten slowly or torn to death quickly, it’s up to you, even if the procedure is resumed.

Will Russia quit after Ukraine

No! As a matter of fact, the big Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea is probably next. And then the Baltic states. And then Finland. And then Northern Sweden through Finland. And then Scania, the South end of Sweden. And then parts of Norway and Denmark. And then Romania and Bulgaria perhaps. Something like that.

Where is Putin now?

Probably his palace in Gelendzjik near the Kertj strait between Ukrainian Crimea and Russia is thought to be like an ”Eagles Nest” by Putin and FSB and GRU in a situation like this.

Roger M. Klang

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PAX Americana, den sista spiken i kistan

USA kan inte längre anses vara pålitlig för något litet europeiskt land i krig, inte ens ett Natoland. President Joe Biden förvarnade endast Storbritannien och kanske Frankrike och Tyskland om det amerikanska tillbakadragandet från Afghanistan just av den anledningen att Afghanistan riskerade att bli kaotiskt och evakueringsproceduren lik den i Hanoi 1973. Men polackerna är stand-up guys, som vanligt.

Tänk nu själva för en gångs skull. Om USA inte är beredda att riskera amerikanska soldaters liv för att rädda deras allierades landsmän, varför skulle dem riskera amerikanska soldater för att bistå ett litet land i krig mot Ryssland?

Good riddens to them! Jag är glad att det var en Demokratisk president som avslutade PAX Americana en gång för alla. Jag hoppas att de får ett trevligt litet framtida krig mot Kina, men vi svenskar skall i alla fall inte hjälpa amerikanarna något mer vare sig de krigar i Syrien mot Iran och mot kinesiskt inflytande i persiska viken, eller dem krigar i Stilla havet. Våga säga Nej till USA och stick inte under stol med varför!

Roger M. Klang

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What, which two choices? What could possibly go wrong, with the Texan gun policy at least?

The Texan gun policy allows for criminals to procure guns because of a lax regulation in the control of domestic arms deals. It may not be intentional, but you know it and I know it. Criminals can procure guns even in the state of Texas.

So what can Texas do abot it you mean, Roger?

Texas is my suggested regulations perfect trial market.

Why should Texas let a foreigner dictate any regulations in the US, let alone in Texas?

The United States has two options in the future. Either they regulate their domestic arms market, or they are going to succumb to an increasing crime spree.

Texans do not want to surrender their guns!

Of course not, I am not suggesting that they should. I am suggesting only that the state increase their control of who owns which guns in order to make it possible to trace an individual gun. I am suggesting that the state of Texas simultaneously should clean up the black market for guns and disarm the criminals.

Sure Roger, but an increased control would mean a decrease in the individual’s liberties, which is un-American.

Then I think that you have a choice to make. Either you succumb to uncontrolled criminality, or you as an individual subordinate to stricter control of who owns a gun. These are the two bad choices you have, there are no other available choices.

Except, it would take decades to clean up the illegal gun market, Roger.

Yes! And?

A law-biding citizen may still be allowed to own guns if you choose the second option above, subordination to a stricter gun control. The right to wear arms is in the American constitution.

Two bad choices, but you have to choose one of them. You can experience something like the movie ”The Escape from New York”. Woul’d you like that? No?

Or You can experience a tighter control of the peoples’ liberties. It is unpleasent, but you won’t die because of it, and neither will your loved ones. But you woul’d once again feel safe in America.

This is what I want for my country! The right for law-biding people to own and wear arms under controlled and relatively safe forms. I would also want people in my country to be licensed and educated and with safety regulations for storing guns in their house. They should lock in their guns in gun lockers for the night and keep the keys safe from children. Rights under responsibility! It’s my motto. For us Swedes this would be a big step towards greater liberties.

Roger M. Klang

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Friendly ports and the economy

To ship cheap-line articles like beers through the Panama Canal I imagine is not very cost effective. But neither is shipping them to Europe all the way around Canada’s northern waters alt. around the south of Americas. I don’t even think they construct any ships, at any shipyard, that can travel such a long journey without refueling the ship’s fuel tank on fuel oil at least once.

Refueling ships’ fuel tanks is done often relatively far from the existing oilfield, but virtually always close to existing refineries around the world, which can complicate things, and it gets important for those extra miles that one has friendly ports one can use to refuel ones ships with fuel oil.

This is one of the main reasons why classical American conservatives have been all for globalism, since a nation with higher living standard is a nation that is less likely to cause any troubles, because they rely on American products to maintain their relatively high living standards.

Countries connect logistically, and new ports for selling American merchandise and buying the up-and-coming countries’ raw materials are built.

Another upside is that with more US friendly fuel oil supplying ports, the US gains an advantage over each single port, because the American ships can easily redirect their shipping routes to bypass, sanction or blockade a specific trouble making port nation.

But globalism isn’t so dandy in the US politics any longer since many countries are partly surpassing America economically and/or getting means to process their own raw materials in order to sell the finished product, instead of the unprocessed product, making America lose money, influence and power.

Albeit, this is not a zero sum game and it has never been one. The world economy grows long term, and with that the American economy grows. Till we run out of raw materials and oil that is. We are close.

You may come back with a rebuttal that America buys a lot of technical stuff from China now, and why would they do that if it is like I claim? That is exactly my point! This is a struggle over control.

Roger M. Klang

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