Nuclear bunker busters

Whether the US military and the Chinese military realize it or not, a nuclear bomb is a sophisticated weapon that relyes heavily on that the bomb mechanism is intact before detonation. It is not a simple explosive gunpowder warhead.

I doubt if detonating a long range ballistic nuclear missile warhead fast enough can be achieved since the warhead mechanism will become demolished and dysfunctional within the time window required with a mach 5 or 6 impact. That is up to and including 7100 km/h or 4500 miles per hour. That is more than 2000 meters per second. The missile warhead will become shredded radioactive metal scrap as soon as it hits the ground or before it reach 10 meters in 0,005 seconds.

Anyway, I find it improbable that you can harden the warhead for it to be intact within the detonation window. By the way, it may also be detonated with the aid of explosives, but I don’t know. It used to be.

I find it improbable that they will ever test my assumption, except for in the computer realm, since the US and Russia and I don’t know if whether China has also signed a treaty that bans above ground nuclear tests. That’s why the US tested a nuclear bomb buried below ground for this purpose.

They can only test the effect from the nuclear blast, not if the nuclear warhead can survive impact long enough for it to be able to detonate. But I guess there is a chance they can detonate the warhead while it is still in the air and hope to penetrate the surface simultaneously. I think it is a slim chance.

Actually the regular long range ballistic missile is flying at Mach 17, but only at high trajectories.

It isn’t probable that the Chinese have ever signed a nuclear treaty.

Roger Klang

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Vad är ”stridsteknik”?

För att förtydliga uttrycket stridsteknik, som i en känd försvarsbloggs text sägs härröra från det engelska eller snarare amerikanska uttrycket ”Tradecraft”, vilket jag bestrider. Tradecraft antar jag betyder ”krigets hantverk”, men det kan omfatta en oändlig massa entiteter om än professionella sådana. Stridsteknik, som man skulle kunna översätta till ”fighting techniques” låter sig definieras bättre.

Taktik skiljer sig från stridsteknik genom att taktik innefattar dylikt som omfattning, omtag, flankering, terrängkännedom och terrängbedömning och beslut som rör positionering och eldgivning i strid för stridspar upp till grupp, tropp eller pluton. I någon mening kan man också säga att taktik innefattar hur ett stridspar, en tropp eller en pluton uppträder vid framryckning eller förflyttning. Ju högre förband desto mer tenderar taktik att gå över i operationskonst.

Stridsteknik innefattar allt från hur man använder vapensystem i strid till mera omfattande verksamhet som hur man använder tyngre vapensystem och samverkan mellan operatörerna av dessa vapensystem. Hur man använder drönare för eldledning och målingivning. Hur man samverkar och växelverkar mellan flera vapensystem typ mellan olika luftvärnssystem och naturligtvis så får man räkna in sensorerna där också. Hur man växelverkar (essentiellt kommunikationen) mellan eldledare och vapensystem, men också kommunikationen mellan enhet och enhet och jag tänker då kanske främst på sådant som lingot mellan enskilda stridsfordon och inom ett och samma stridsfordon. Stridsteknik rör sig därför mellan det lilla och det stora och det finns ingen glasklar gränsdragning mellan stridsteknik och taktik eller ens mellan stridsteknik och operationskonst.

Roger Klang, Lund Sverige

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Russian Casus Belli for war in Ukraine

1.53 trillion cubic meters of Norwegean gas will suffice for maybe a dozen years for the EU. Norway exports maybe 120+ billion cubic meters of gas a year.

1.1 Trillion cubic meters of Ukrainian gas will suffice for less than a decade more for the EU.

40 percent of the worlds Uranium production comes from Kazakstan.

The future is electrical. Batteries. Wind. Solar. And all the raw material recourses incorporated into these energy sources. Be aware!

Many countries benefit from a free and independent Ukraine since Ukraine is an agricultural hub. China even used to buy soil from Ukraine. If it wasn’t for Ukraine, my country Sweden’s population woul’d have really been hungry following the northern drought in the summer of 2018.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was rather initiated because Russia is dependent on the Ukrainian war industry inherited from the Soviet Union. The Russian offensives inland nearly all targeted cities with crucial war industries for among other things Russian aircrafts. Ever considered why russia doesn’t seem to dominate the skies over Ukraine, thus becoming unable to win this war?

Don’t believe me? Remember the Russian ”help” convoys in the beginning of the war in Donetsk and Luhansk? Trucks drove into Ukrainian territory almost empty on aid, but they didn’t drive out empty. They had done a heist on Ukrainian war industries.

Military materiel comes first, oil and gas comes second.

Roger Klang, Lund Sweden

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The UK is certainly a friendly state to the Nordic countries

The United Kingdom will increase its military presence in countries such as Norway, Finland and Sweden.

This was said today by the British Minister of Defense Ben Wallace at a press conference in Norway, reports Reuters.

”It is great that you are making this remark,” says Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist.

Thank you UK, it was very kind of you! We love you for it. But we have to defend ourselves, I think. It would be better if the UK could give us guarantees that Sweden will not be isolated from trade with the outside world and the purchase of ammunition, in a near war situation. At least guarrantees from the British part concerning Britain’s policies. I believe that we do not need ”boots on the ground” of a foreign power in the event of a Swedish defensive war against Russia. It would have been another thing if it was a Swedish defensive war against Germany.

Sweden will never go Viking against the UK as long as I have anything to say about that. I do not believe in war of aggression, war of aggression punishes itself as through divine intervention it seems. So live and let live, please Britain.

Roger Klang

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This following news article, bear in mind, is from 2014.

A former Russian insider says he was there when Putin began openly planning the present invasion of Ukraine back in 2003. At a conference in Brussels this week, Andrey Illarionov, a Russian economist and former economic advisor to Vladimir Putin informed that the invasion of Ukraine has been in official planning since at least 2003. Quote “Since 2003. I can say that certain questions relating to the future war with Ukraine were discussed in my presence. I didn’t think the talks would really lead to a real war,” he said end quote.

In an anguished response to the Orange Revolution a year later which brought about an ostensibly pro-Western government, Russian officials then began discussing the potential for launching a military occupation of Crimea and it’s subsequent annexation. Illarionov also discussed leaked documents which detail the operation of Russia’s future war with Ukraine. By 2009, he stated that plans to conjure and support separatism in Ukraine began to surface. It is now known that the terrorist organization known as the quote ”Donetsk Republic” began to reassert itself online in 2008 after then Russian-backed Viktor Yanukovych lost his position as Prime Minister. Created in 2005 also in the wake of the Orange Revolution, ”Donetsk Republic” members attended training camps in Russia funded by the Russian Presidential Administration, where instructors from the security services taught methods of espionage, sabotage and guerrilla tactics to attendees. Syncing with Illarionov’s statement, the group began organizing local terrorist training camps as early 2009.

Illarionov did not mince words, making clear that this is a very much a quote “Russian-Ukrianian war” or rather, as he described quote: “Putin’s war against Ukraine.” A war he steadfastly describes as being long in the works that will continue to play out in the long term. Quote “So, they were preparing the war for a long time. The other matter is that it is a long war that has been continuing for more than 16 months. It was officially launched on July 27, 2013, by Putin’s speech in Kyiv on the occasion of the anniversary of the baptism of Kyivan Rus,” he said end quote. The speech cited by Illarionov was on the topic of Ukraine’s quote “civilizational choice” and quote “orthodox Slavic values.” In it, Putin bloviates on alleged quote “common spiritual values” which make Russians and Ukrainians a, quote “single people,” calling for the preservation of quote ”ancestral traditions.” He also convincingly ignores centuries of persecution, telling listeners that subjugation (i.e. “union”) under Russia, quote “changed the lives of Ukraine’s population and its elite for the better, as everyone knows.” End quote. At another point, Putin speaks glowingly of Stalin’s reforms and investment in Ukraine during his first quote ”Five Year Plan,” a disastrous policy which resulted in the Moscow-orchestrated genocide of up to 7 million Ukrainians. Current conflict zones’ historical hallmarks were focused on in the speech, specifically calling the Donbass quote “one of Russia’s main mining and metals industry regions,” and Odesa “one of the Russian Empire’s biggest seaports.” end quotes. The next day Putin would attend Russian naval celebrations in the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol in Ukraine. All of this, of course, amounted to a cynical sales pitch Russia’s unborn Eurasian Union and reunion with Russia, and to convince Ukrainians the perils of European integration. With a smile; Quote “Let me say again that we will respect whatever choice our Ukrainian partners, friends and brothers make. The question is only one of how we go about agreeing on working together under absolutely equal, transparent and clear conditions.” End quote.

Numerous predictions

Illarionov resigned from his position within the administration in 2005, has been an outspoken critic of president Vladimir Putin since that time. Since becoming a dissident, his words to date have been prophetic. In October 2008 he quickly exposed, that the Russian invasion and occupation of Georgia in August of that year was premeditated and instigated by the Russian government, when many still debated whether Georgia fired on Russian soldiers first. In February of this year, prior to Russia’s “green men” swarming into Crimea, he fully predicted the occupation of the peninsula and similar destabilizing actions in the south and east. In March, after this had already come to fruition, he further predicted and warned of impending Russian forces seeping into eastern Ukraine during an interview on the Ukrainian network TSN. Russian Col. Igor Girkin, “Supreme Commander” within quotation marks, of the Donetsk Republic, openly admitted recently to Russia’s involvement in the war and told how his special forces group entered Ukraine in April to seize government buildings.

Source: Euromaidan Press, Wednesday the 26th of November 2014

As for my personal reflexion. What has happened to this Andrey Illarionov, a Russian economist and former economic advisor to Vladimir Putin? That is the million dollar question.

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