Thermal energy Vs. Gravitational force

Thermal energy Vs. Gravitational force

This is just one graph/image among many that I have created for my thesis. If you can make sense of this graph you can presumably understand my full thesis too given that you put some effort to it.




Something that can be conveyed from one person’s mind to another person’s consciousness is information, if the person receiving the information perceives it as the transmitter intended. That the receiver syncs the information that the transmitter has in the head is a confirmation that the information is logic. But for this to be possible, it requires that the receiver is at least as intelligent as the transmitter alt. that the transmitted information is simple enough for the receiver to perceive the information as the transmitter had intended for the receiver to perceive it. A proviso must be included. Emotions can also be conveyed between a transmitter and one or more receivers. But emotions are more likely to have a socially logical function rather than that emotions are purely irrational. E.g. in mating and child caring or in the forming of communities and nations. It’s just that you can’t build houses with emotional expressions. Although you may want to build a house with emotional expressions. From this follows that emotions can be logical from an evolutionary perspective. Everything indicates that emotions and logical thinking are mixed to varying degrees in solving problems, music production, and in grief, revenge, happiness, envy, curiosity, etc.


Teaser for my total rebuttal of Kurt Gödel’s Incompleteness theorem, also in the book.

So we have two statements:

  1. A means that A is unprovable
  2. False formulas are unprovable

One can easily replace (1) with either “False A is unprovable” or “True A is unprovable”.

(- +) = (-) (imaginary)

(+ +) = (+) (true)

(- -) = (+) (true)

(+ -) = (-) (imaginary)

The following is an explanation of what I am claiming here:

  1. We would get (- +) = (-) (imaginary) if A could be false and provable, which it cannot. False propositions cannot be proved true.
  2. We get the formula (+ +) = (+) (true) if it is true and provable.
  3. We get (- -) = (+) (true) if it is false and unprovable.
  4. Thus we get the formula (+ -) = (-) (imaginary) for the true and unprovable.


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