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Human trafficking

I would like to say, if you let me, that people who visits victim girls from human trafficking with the crime in mind to pay the girls’ traffickers in order to have sex with the girls, are piles of turds. I would imagine that they also think that they have the mindset of ”paying back some of the injustice against their ethnicity”.

No, no, no, no, no! You Mr women abuser are nothing but a perverted rapist. It doesn’t matter that the girls don’t fight you for their virtue since they are afraid of the traffickers/pimps. You are and will forever be a rapist and you will go to Hell!

I make no secret of being somewhat disdainful towards men who takes the easy way out and snatch an Asian girl for marriage or whatever. But you Mr rapist are lightyears worse. Lightyears! You deserve to have your whole family raped. You are almost worse than the girls’ traffickers/pimps. They know that they are bad people, but you probably think you are doing nothing wrong, maybe even thinks that you are helping the girls. You disgust me more than the worst German Nazis from world war two ever could in a lifetime! If I kill you by stepping on you I will scrape off the shit from my both on the curbstone. It’ll be ugly, but I can wash off the shit from my shoes with water, but You can not! The shit sticks to you even when you have taken a shower. Lord of the flies!

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