Vad är ”stridsteknik”?

För att förtydliga uttrycket stridsteknik, som i en känd försvarsbloggs text sägs härröra från det engelska eller snarare amerikanska uttrycket ”Tradecraft”, vilket jag bestrider. Tradecraft antar jag betyder ”krigets hantverk”, men det kan omfatta en oändlig massa entiteter om än professionella sådana. Stridsteknik, som man skulle kunna översätta till ”fighting techniques” låter sig definieras bättre.

Taktik skiljer sig från stridsteknik genom att taktik innefattar dylikt som omfattning, omtag, flankering, terrängkännedom och terrängbedömning och beslut som rör positionering och eldgivning i strid för stridspar upp till grupp, tropp eller pluton. I någon mening kan man också säga att taktik innefattar hur ett stridspar, en tropp eller en pluton uppträder vid framryckning eller förflyttning. Ju högre förband desto mer tenderar taktik att gå över i operationskonst.

Stridsteknik innefattar allt från hur man använder vapensystem i strid till mera omfattande verksamhet som hur man använder tyngre vapensystem och samverkan mellan operatörerna av dessa vapensystem. Hur man använder drönare för eldledning och målingivning. Hur man samverkar och växelverkar mellan flera vapensystem typ mellan olika luftvärnssystem och naturligtvis så får man räkna in sensorerna där också. Hur man växelverkar (essentiellt kommunikationen) mellan eldledare och vapensystem, men också kommunikationen mellan enhet och enhet och jag tänker då kanske främst på sådant som lingot mellan enskilda stridsfordon och inom ett och samma stridsfordon. Stridsteknik rör sig därför mellan det lilla och det stora och det finns ingen glasklar gränsdragning mellan stridsteknik och taktik eller ens mellan stridsteknik och operationskonst.

Roger Klang, Lund Sverige

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Russian Casus Belli for war in Ukraine

1.53 trillion cubic meters of Norwegean gas will suffice for maybe a dozen years for the EU. Norway exports maybe 120+ billion cubic meters of gas a year.

1.1 Trillion cubic meters of Ukrainian gas will suffice for less than a decade more for the EU.

40 percent of the worlds Uranium production comes from Kazakstan.

The future is electrical. Batteries. Wind. Solar. And all the raw material recourses incorporated into these energy sources. Be aware!

Many countries benefit from a free and independent Ukraine since Ukraine is an agricultural hub. China even used to buy soil from Ukraine. If it wasn’t for Ukraine, my country Sweden’s population woul’d have really been hungry following the northern drought in the summer of 2018.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was rather initiated because Russia is dependent on the Ukrainian war industry inherited from the Soviet Union. The Russian offensives inland nearly all targeted cities with crucial war industries for among other things Russian aircrafts. Ever considered why russia doesn’t seem to dominate the skies over Ukraine, thus becoming unable to win this war?

Don’t believe me? Remember the Russian ”help” convoys in the beginning of the war in Donetsk and Luhansk? Trucks drove into Ukrainian territory almost empty on aid, but they didn’t drive out empty. They had done a heist on Ukrainian war industries.

Military materiel comes first, oil and gas comes second.

Roger Klang, Lund Sweden

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The UK is certainly a friendly state to the Nordic countries

The United Kingdom will increase its military presence in countries such as Norway, Finland and Sweden.

This was said today by the British Minister of Defense Ben Wallace at a press conference in Norway, reports Reuters.

”It is great that you are making this remark,” says Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist.

Thank you UK, it was very kind of you! We love you for it. But we have to defend ourselves, I think. It would be better if the UK could give us guarantees that Sweden will not be isolated from trade with the outside world and the purchase of ammunition, in a near war situation. At least guarrantees from the British part concerning Britain’s policies. I believe that we do not need ”boots on the ground” of a foreign power in the event of a Swedish defensive war against Russia. It would have been another thing if it was a Swedish defensive war against Germany.

Sweden will never go Viking against the UK as long as I have anything to say about that. I do not believe in war of aggression, war of aggression punishes itself as through divine intervention it seems. So live and let live, please Britain.

Roger Klang

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Large scale War in Ukraine

Bild finska YLE

So, Ukraine, a state by Kreml and Putin called a pseudo state, is a part of Russia? If you had your family riding in a bus in the vicinity, would you violently, with certainty of collateral damage on your own family members, attack that family because they were riding in a bus together with a corrupt bus driver? Or because there was a known right wing Nazi connection of one of the forty other passengers riding in the bus, way in the back of the bus? Is that what you do with family members in Russia?

Putin is the new Hitler!

That’s it. There is nothing more to say.

Why did he do it?

Because he could? Yes, partly. But also, maybe, because his military, his transport aircraft fleet, his helicopters among other, needs spare parts from the Ukrainian military industry, former USSR military industry. And he needs the money, i.e. the women, that lives in Ukraine for the amusement of Russian men, since he cannot get to the women in the West. Whaaat? ”Did you just say what I thought you said?” Yes I did.

What can Ukraine do?

They can perhaps move their governmental institutions away from Kiev and to the south and let the Russian tanks roll deep into Ukraine, but not let the Russian support vehicles far into their country, by attacking the support vehicles in big scale ambushes with grenade rifles. But I don’t know what the environements look like in Northern Ukraine.

They can also, under controlled forms, demolish totally the industry that can be used for Russia’s nuclear capabilities.

Why did Putin not strike Ukrainian electricity first?

The infrastructure enables rapid operation in Ukraine. The road and railway network is well developed in the country. Russia and Ukraine have the same track gauge on the railway. As far as the road network is concerned, there are 103,150 miles of paved roads and 2,200 miles of unpaved roads. The railway network covers 13,400 miles, 6,400 miles is electrified railway. The railway network is mainly well developed in central and eastern Ukraine and somewhat less developed in western Ukraine. Roads and railways goes in all directions. Economic priorities within Ukraine are mainly its industry, which is mainly located in its eastern area.

What can Ukraine expect?

We need to first look at the near time history. In 2014, Russia launched a ”humanitarian” aid convoy to eastern Ukraine. Ukraine opposed this but eventually agreed to let the aid in if it was reloaded into other vehicles before the border crossing and escorted by the Red Cross. The inspection of the Russian trucks showed that many were almost empty except for a few sacks of flour. Russia chose to drive the convoy into Ukraine without the assistance of the Red Cross and in a completely different place than the one reluctantly approved by Ukraine. This is where the interesting really begins.

After the aid convoy crossed the border, it set course for the industrial city of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, which Russia identified as in dire need. In for example Luhansk, the trucks were unloaded again without international supervision, but did not return immediately and definitely not empty. Instead, extraction of parts for Russia’s war-critical industry began. During the time the Russian convoy spent in eastern Ukraine, machinery, parts and products were loaded from e.g. a factory in Donetsk that manufactures radar and telecommunications warfare systems, a factory that manufactures parts for some of the Russian nuclear missile systems, and the factory that is the only one in the former Soviet Union, which manufactures turbine blades for aircraft engines and engines for helicopters, and other critical components for some combat aircraft engines.

Don’t know if there is something else the Russians still needs from Ukraine. They would most likely want to control the Ukrainian energy sector and their agricultural sector in order to sell energy and crops to the West and other countries in the world.

Is Russia backed by God?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, not at all! They’re backed by Satan. It’s Satan’s country now. We wash our hands.

Russia is like a mad dog that has grabbed your child and chews on your child’s arm at a distance of ten yards from you. As soon as you make an attempt to move towards the mad dog to grab and pull your child to safety or attack the dog, the crazy dog stops chewing and stares you in your eyes, still with its jaws around your child’s arm, clearly threatening to instantly tear your child in pieces with his jaws if you continue to move forward. So you stop, and the mad dog starts chewing on your baby’s arm again, slowly chewing your baby to death observing all your movements. Your baby will either be eaten slowly or torn to death quickly, it’s up to you, even if the procedure is resumed.

Will Russia quit after Ukraine

No! As a matter of fact, the big Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea is probably next. And then the Baltic states. And then Finland. And then Northern Sweden through Finland. And then Scania, the South end of Sweden. And then parts of Norway and Denmark. And then Romania and Bulgaria perhaps. Something like that.

Where is Putin now?

Probably his palace in Gelendzjik near the Kertj strait between Ukrainian Crimea and Russia is thought to be like an ”Eagles Nest” by Putin and FSB and GRU in a situation like this.

Roger M. Klang

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Alliansen Finland-Danmark

Det som började som en rysk och sedermera en amerikansk förtalskampanj mot Sverige i forum som Quora på nätet, har utvecklat sig till en nordisk grannfiendskap mot Sverige.

Vad skulle det innebära för oss svenskar om Finland och Danmark ingick en allians mot Sverige? För att besvara den frågan måste vi först titta lite på Finlands strategiska situation. Finland har inte längre tillgång till någon hamn vid Barents hav, som de hade vid tiden före andra världskriget. De kan alltså inte räkna med att använda någon rysk hamn för att försörja sitt eget folk. De blir således tvungna att alliera sig med åtminstone Danmark bland våra nordiska grannländer, för att försäkra sig om fri passage genom Öresund eller det danska Stora bält. De blir beroende av att Danmark kontrollerar Skåne och Blekinge med Karlskrona Örlogsbas. Annars drivs de ojämförligt mycket i händerna på Ryssland. Men finnarna ser sig sannolikt även nödgade till att invadera norra Norrland för tillgång till den svenska järnvägen till den norska hamnen i Narvik, för att inte hamna helt i händerna på danskarna. Där kommer Norge in i bilden. De måste hålla norrmännen glada. Hur gör de det? Genom att erbjuda norrmännen ekonomisk vinning. Hur? Malmfälten i Kiruna, energi, joint venture. För att riktigt göra Sverige till en slavstat så vill de säkert göra Göteborg till en norsk stad, som kontrollerar infarten av varor till Sverige.

Det de inte kan komma förbi är att vi kan ’andas under vatten’. Men det är trots allt ganska fåfänga förhoppningar våra potentiella fiender har.

Några funderingar

Det Finland försöker göra är att sänka Sverige. Det kan diskuteras hur mycket hjälp Finland fick från Sverige i deras förra krig mot Ryssland. Var det för lite? Var det mycket? Man kan argumentera för bägge. Men det vi inte gjorde var att hjälpa Ryssland angripa och ockupera Finland! Så mycket kan vi vara överens om, vem vi än frågar. Vår hjälp kan till och med ha tippat över vågskålen mot ett sovjetiskt misslyckande. Det är inte alls osannolikt. Sedan kan man argumentera för att vi gjorde allt vi gjorde för Finland i eget intresse. Men då kan man argumentera för att USA slogs i andra Världskriget och i Koreakriget i eget intresse. Detta ändrar dock inte på det faktum att Europa och Sydkorea var benefaktor för den amerikanska hjälpen. Det är nästan alltid så att hjälp i krig är villkorad på ett eller annat sätt. Det minst negativa man kan säga om Finland är att de är otacksamma. Objektivare än så här kan man inte bli.

Vi ses väl förmodligen på slagfältet. Ja inte jag, jag sitter ju hemma i relativ säkerhet. Men jag sticker ut hakan.

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